Top 5 Tips For Your Serger
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Here are the TOP 5 tips you need to know for your Serger machine.

From threading your serger, to best thread types, to cleaning your serger – these are the most important things to know.

If you are interested in getting some Maxi-Lock serger thread, here is a great place and price:

Don’t forget: SEW. FAIL. REPEAT.

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Top 5 Serger Tips -


5 Responses to Top 5 Tips For Your Serger

  1. ann says:

    Reading the manual should be the # 1 tip for any machine serger or sewing

  2. kathi says:

    Well, darn! I wish I saw this yesterday!! Taking a picture of the colored thread is a great idea I wish I did!! It took me an hour and about 10 tries to thread my serger (the same one you have) with white thread and have it sew correctly! but I did it!!! Using it today to make jammies for our church play! Will check into the link for the thread as well. thanks for the tips!

  3. Ang says:

    These are great tips. The book was so daunting that I didn’t touch my new machine for weeks. I’ve also found that the settings it suggests for the different techniques in the manual don’t work as well as the ones I’ve researched through Pinterest.

    II’m definitely still a novice serger…sergerer?? I think going back and playing with all the dials and settings would help me more than anything. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Ada Hulthen says:

    Thank you! Great tips for serger use. I especially liked the idea of playing with the tensions and different fabrics so you know in advance the settings for different fabrics.
    Better than the manual. I have a Babylock (my second Babylock) – I tried a Viking Husking once but never got used to the threading of that one. I am an advanced/intermediate to beginning/advanced sewer – hope that makes sense? In recent years I seem to enjoy the pattern design changes more than anything – but I do not get enough use out of my serger just because I only stitch seams and only straight seams at that. Show us how to stitch curved seams and do that flat lock thing so bulky seams lay flat – good for fleece. Or maybe you already have a video on that? Thanks again

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