Teaching PRE-SCHOOLERS How To Sew?!?
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This week, we go behind the scenes at DadSews, as Christian visit’s his son’s pre-school to give a sewing 101 course to 3 year olds. Can you tech three year olds to sew? well, you can definitely teach them to stomp down on the pedal and make that fabric fly through the machine.

So why did Christian stop in to teach pre-schoolers about sewing anyway? Glad you asked! It’s because we should all learn a skill that will be helpful in life, but sewing has an added benefit. Not only is sewing USEFUL, it’s also ART! You can make someone happy by patching their jeans (of which Christian is STILL trying to do correctly), but you can also bring a smile to their heart by creating a beautiful WEARABLE, one of a kind work of art. What could be better than that?

What’s the youngest sewer/sewist you know? Three? Two? Were YOU sewing in the womb?

*pardon the sound quality and camera work, but we just had a teacher film on my phone, so as to be unobtrusive in the classroom*

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