Perfect Seam Allowance Every Time & Giveaway
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Win a FREE Seam Allowance Guide from and

Save hours!

We want to sew and we want to do it NOW!

The most time consuming and annoying part of sewing is adding a seam allowance to all your pattern pieces.

No longer do you have to measure and trace around each individual piece, the Seam Allowance Guide will do that for you while you cut out your fabric.

Now you can spend more time on the fun stuff.

Perfect Seam Allowance Every Time & Giveaway -


Perfect for:
Burda Style Magazine Patterns
Japanese Pattern books
Marfy Patterns
Copying your own clothes
Designers creating patterns from scratch
Altering patterns
Left or right handed scissors
Picking up pins!

Green or Yellow?
Some scissors blades have a slight slope on the outer edge. This is about 3 degrees. If your scissor blade is sloping put the yellow guide on and rotate it until it’s parallel to the table/fabric. The green guide is used for scissors that have no slope on the outer edge of the blade. Also great for the tip or at the pivot of the scissors.
Both are included in the packet.

The Seam Allowance Guide uses a rare earth magnet which is extremely strong.

Where on the blade do I position it?
This will depend on your cutting style and the pattern shape. For long straight cutting, position it further back towards the handles. For curved patterns where the cutting action is smaller position it closer to the tip. As a rule the guide sits where the two blades separate during the cutting motion.

For right handed sewers.
The pattern piece goes to the right of your scissor blade – Cut clockwise around the pattern. The guide sits on the right hand blade.

For left handed sewers.
The pattern piece goes to the left of your scissor blade – Cut anti-clockwise around the pattern. The guide sits on the left hand blade.

Don’t forget: SEW. FAIL. REPEAT.

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44 Responses to Perfect Seam Allowance Every Time & Giveaway

  1. Kelly W says:

    Very Neat! I wouldn’t mind one of these. With 5 kids my sewing time is next to nothing, so this could be helpful 🙂

  2. Brenda Nowland says:

    First, I think it’s awesome that you sew and you are an excellent “teacher” of sewing. Everything I know is self taught via sewing videos, including your vids. That said, onto why I should have one of those handy seam allowance tools. Im a novice that would love to make clothes (leggings and shirts)for the grandchildren, but I do not know how to read patterns. I know, poor me, right(adhd). Anywho, I think this tool would help me achieve that goal. Regardless if I win one, I’m sure it’ll make someone’s day to win it and I’m still happy about that. Happy sewing. \M/><\M/

  3. Virginia Hooper says:

    This is an amazing tool. Would be especially helpful with knits.

  4. Dyan says:

    I enjoy sewing but don’t have a lot of time 🙁 this great gadget would give me more time to sew and less time cutting/prepping material! Fabulous find Dad Sews!

  5. Debbie Williams says:

    Love it, it would make my life easy!

  6. Carolyn Spence says:

    Hi there! Love your videos. I need, no NEED, that for the Yorkie doggie clothes I make. It’s a hobby for this Grandma and I love the pretty fabrics. I do most of my own sewing, make patterns out of cardboard, mark with a Sharpie and cut without a seam allowance tool like that, so I think it is GREAT! Would love to have one!

    Carolyn, the Snoutmamma

  7. Judee says:

    that is one unique cool tool. Why to I need it? most of the patterns have do not have seam allowances noted, you have to add your own.

  8. Katherine Adams says:

    This would be the ultimate gift for my husband!
    They call him the bearded seamster around here 😀

    So glad we found you!

  9. Debbie Dauphin Broussard says:

    Did not know you have to add the seam allowance, now I do.

  10. Jessica says:

    I love that tool. With doing daycare and my own 4 kids time is always a factor and that tool is definitely a time saver. What an awesome idea!

  11. Terri S. says:

    This little tool is awesome. Oh the hours it will save me. Please pick me!

  12. Lisa Casler says:

    I could really use that being on a very limited budget and sew to make ends meet. And a thank you for all the video’s you do, they have helped me out a lot and gave me oodles of inspiration.

  13. Sharon Spong says:

    Great video’s! Pretty cool/helpfull tool. Everyone would love to have one, me included 😉

  14. Denise says:

    This would be such a timesaver!

  15. Pat Welnicki says:

    What an awesome tool!!! I would love to be able to cut straight for a change LOL.

  16. Auschick says:

    Blerg. Phone didn’t take my comment.

    Ive had one of these on my amazon wish list for a few years! I want to test it out on my rotary cutter too! Right now I use my rotary cutter with my seam gauge butted next to it but I toy with returning to my ginghers…. Sick of replacing blades!

  17. Antonia says:

    Love it! My kids took my tailors chalk last week and drew pictures on the sidewalk with it. This would be safe from their naughty clutches. Perfect!

  18. Kate says:

    This would be incredibly helpful when remaking ready-to-wear. I would love to be the lucky winner.

  19. Jen says:

    This is AWESOME! I need one of these in my life, since I’m always screwing up seam allowances..

  20. Mary Kelly says:

    Just what I need to add to my notions. This would be perfect for cutting my self drafted patterns and for those using the true fit method.. This is the perfect tool for the sewing community.

  21. Giada says:

    Thank you for share your news and tricks!!! I love this one!! 😍😍😍 I hate make chalks Marks and this tool is amazing and give the chance to save time!! I ❤️ Fashion and When I was 7 years old I started to make dresses for my Barbie with the help of my mom… 😍 Now I Made my own by Myself 😊😊
    Have a nice day!! And wait for your next video!!

  22. Connie Northrop says:

    This is totally cool! I’m recently retired due to disability and am limited in how long I can stand or sit. This would reduce time standing for cutting and would be awesome just for that. If you add the fact that I’m just getting back into sewing after nearly 20 yrs, I have no experience with PDF patterns that have no seam allowance. This would really make that easier for me.

  23. Pemk says:

    I am amazed that such a fantastic tool is made here in Australia, yay! I use Burda and Ottobre patterns as well as self drafting so yes this would be one handy dandy tool for this mum who Sews. Yes, mum is spelled correct here 😆

  24. JC says:

    I still struggle with proper seam allowances. This tool would be perfect in assisting. I’m also not use to sewing patterns with no seam allowance so I’m sure it will help when I get there as well. Thank you!

  25. Carolyn says:

    What a great invention. And you can never have too many sewing accessories.

  26. Estela K says:

    I can’t seem to find the perfect marketing tool. I think this would be a very useful tool to cut my seam allowance. Thank you

  27. kim madewell says:

    Oh man I really need this I sew for my grandaughters 4 of them and my Daughters 2 of them and make alot of patterns!! I also make custom curtains and am always making my own patterns for those so I really need this!!

  28. Melanie Parker says:

    Sounds good, but a similar tool has existed for over 100 years and can be found in vintage sewing machine attachment boxes. It is metal and fits onto the scissors with markings for whatever allowance you need. This new magnetic one would probably fit a wider style of scissors and shears, though. I have many of the old style but would love to try this new one.

  29. Wendy Jones says:

    This is an awesome, helpful tool. Thank you for the possibilities. Love, love, love your videos. Please keep them coming.

  30. Elizabeth Pickett says:

    Hey Dad! Great clarity on explaining a conceptually new product. That is a super handy gadget that I could use today!
    I’d like to share how my son came to sewing: His wife was out of town for the weekend, and he shows up at my home (about an hour away) with this giant piece of fabric covered with pins. They had watched some make-over show and decided to recover their love seat! He had draped fabric on and pinned it to fit–inside out. Good, so far. However, I told him to gently lay it down because once we started handling that giant mass, pins would be falling out all over. We sat down on the floor and basted the seams. Long story, short…we sewed the cover & made zippered cushion covers. I sent him home on Sunday with a spare machine so he could alter if needed. It fit perfectly. A few days later I got a call at work and he was asking how to make a button hole. What? Seems they bought more fabric and were making pillows with decorative button front. I talked him through the first buttonhole. I gave him his own machine for Christmas a few years later and he has made a duvet, valance, sewn patches on Y-guides sashes, mended, altered sleeves when a son broke his arm, and more. Thanks for your inspiring videos!

  31. kathi says:

    Well, I am not sure I deserve one, but I would sure put it to good use! I make all kinds of things, from doll clothes, to dresses and a lot of times I alter patterns for a better fit, this would sure help. I think it is awesome to see a man sew and hope more men follow your lead. thanks!

  32. Nanowoman says:

    I need this for altering patterns!!!

  33. joy m klopfenstein says:

    I am not going to say I am more deserving than the next sewist. but I would truly love to have a set of these. I love to sew and I am in the process of teaching my children to sew these would be an amazing help for all of us.

  34. I have bad eyes and have difficult time and wasted a lot of fabric. I also think this is so amazing. I think it would be very helpful for me

  35. I have Bad eyes and most of the time it is difficult for me to cut fabric seam allowance. This tool is amazing and I think it would work perfectly for me and help me out a great deal.

  36. lisa emerson says:

    oh man need this in my life

  37. Patty says:

    I’m still a bit green with my sewing skills. Seam allowances aren’t exactly easy to a still-new-to-sewing gal and I was psyched when I saw your video showing it in use!! Please include me in your drawing! Many thanks!!

  38. Deborah Roberts says:

    Just found your site i love it! I love that tool wish I had one!!! It would help me especially for all my classes that I teach at my local dealer.

  39. Katy says:

    My grandmother just gave me my first sewing machine, so I’m trying to learn how to use it. You have a great site. Thanks for all your help!

  40. Janet Christianson-Watt says:

    Awesome little tool!

  41. Cheryl Mansfield says:

    Want! Want! Want!

  42. Maria Steele says:

    I need this!! Especially now that my kiddos are getting bigger, I need to size up their patterns!

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