Dad Sews A Truly Hidden Undershirt With A Serger
by on May 23, 2016 in

Dad shows how to use a serger to make a truly hidden undershirt. Are you tired of your undershirt peeking out from beneath your dress shirt when unbuttoned? This is the solution. Take one of your old or ratty shirts and make a hidden undershirt in less than a minute with a serger.

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Don’t forget: SEW. FAIL. REPEAT.

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Dad Sews A Hidden Undershirt With A Serger - Hot to use a serger -


4 Responses to Dad Sews A Truly Hidden Undershirt With A Serger

  1. Jack Steiner says:

    My great grandfather was a tailor but his skills with sewing seemed to have skipped me. I do think it is cool to be able to create and make things with your hands.

  2. Naomi says:

    Very creative. Love this useful idea. Enjoy your serger!

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