Dad Sews A Simple Zippered Bag
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Today I’m honored to be joined in studio by Rhianna Demson. I first met Rhianna at the Sewing Expo in Northern VA. Since we met, she and I became fast friends online. Rhianna makes beautiful bags of holding (nerd joke) and epic purses. If you wanna see how cool a Doctor Who Purse can be, look no further than her awesome bags.

Rhianna also shows me and the rest of DadSews fans how to sew a simple zippered pouch. I was blown away with how easy it is.

Here’s some tips for getting it right: – Iron your zipper on a low setting (especially if it’s nylon
– Iron your fabric so it lays flat
– Don’t forget to leave a hole to turn out / birth your bag (not too small or too big)
– Clip the corners of excess before turning it out (pinking shears work too

Any tips you have? Any questions? if so, drop them in the comments below, and Rhianna or I will be sure to answer them!

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Dad Sews A Simple Zippered Bag - How to sew with a zipper


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