7 Tips When Buying A Sewing Machine
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Today, DadSews answer the question, “What Sewing Machine Should I Buy?”

Here are 7 Tips on what to look for in a new sewing machine. Whether new or used, we discuss what features you want to look for in a sewing machine. Sewing feet. Sewing accessories. Sewing machine box? Yep. That too.

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6 Responses to 7 Tips When Buying A Sewing Machine

  1. Auschick says:

    I love how sturdy jukis are! They’re also very affordable and come with lots of accessories. I have a juki serger and a Bernina Sewing Machine. If I had to do it over with a smaller budget, I’d go juki!

  2. Chiara A. says:

    I have had a JUKI serger for over 16 years. My favorite three things are that they last for forever, they work well, and the machines are high quality and help produce high quality items.

  3. Lauren says:

    I sadly do not have a Juki. Maybe someday! Great tips by the way. Always buy from a dealer!

  4. Going to a dealer is the best advice. I always buy my new machines from a local dealer. They know what they’re selling, and often, the price is lower than what I find online.

  5. Judy Walker says:

    I have a Juki F600 and LOVE it.

  6. Judy Walker says:

    Great advice. Bought my Juki F600 at the dealership after I sewed on it — and I realized it had two lights! So that’s the first thing I like about my Juki. So bright. And nice big throat for quilting (2). And I like to sew bags. My Juki will sew through anything (3). Seldom have to attach the walking foot.

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