5 Things I’ve Learned While Shopping At Fabric Stores (as a Dad)
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What 5 Truths have you found while shopping at Fabric stores? Drop them in the comments section below and you could win a FREE Fiskars Rotary Cutter from DadSews.com.

Don’t forget: SEW. FAIL. REPEAT.

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59 Responses to 5 Things I’ve Learned While Shopping At Fabric Stores (as a Dad)

  1. Dorothy Noble says:

    Even though they take coupons from their own website, emails, and texts doesn’t mean any of them will work. And the cashier will argue with you saying they don’t work.

  2. Christi says:

    So true! Also, the day you spend a buttload at a fabric store, you can guarantee the next day you’ll receive a sweet coupon in the mail. And another one, once you see a fun new pattern or idea on Facebook or Pinterest, the next day the fabric store is pretty much sold out of every item you need to complete the project…

    • dadsews says:

      Spot on about coupons after you dropped a wad of cash. I haven’t run into the popular pattern/depleted racks yet, but I believe it!

  3. That one of 2 things happen (or sometimes both). Either they ignore you because your a guy, and what could you possibly know about sewing – or they are right by your side imediatly and talk to you like you’re a 2nd grader and assume you’re there picking up something for the wife!

    • dadsews says:

      I’ve had BOTH of those happen as well, Spike!!

    • George says:

      Mine is the Look from the fabric store employee that says …”Are you in the RIGHT STORE??” To fix one, I walked to the pattern cabinets, opened the draw, found my pattern and walked to the cashier… she kinda stood there, dumbfounded. Made the “Deer in the headlights” look seem Intelligent.

  4. Gina says:

    Just because they work at a fabric store doesn’t mean they know how to sew or even anything about the different fabrics

  5. Kristal says:

    “WE take competitors coupons!”, in really super fine print ( with a bad attitude the minute you want to save on your purchases with said competitors coupon!!)

    • dadsews says:

      HA! I haven’t had this happen yet, but now I wanna try. Trust me, I will get a different reaction —- of some kind —- than ladies do. It’s just true.

      • Kristal says:

        Throw some testosterone in an environment where estrogen is usually the main occupant and you would think they have never heard of a tailor…

  6. Maureen says:

    I have found that the cutting guide at the cut table is simply a suggestion. The edges on my last purchase looked like they used safety scissors and when I try to even it out, I’m losing a good few inches.

  7. Trisha Chamberlain says:

    If you happen to run out of a certain fabric, when you go back to get some more of it…it has been discontinued! Even if it was a brand new fabric, two days ago!

  8. Jessie says:

    Without fail, someone will ask you the question, “What are you making with this?”

    Last time I answered honestly, “I’m making beer koozies and baby clothes.”

  9. Katherine Brown says:

    This is sew true it hurts!

  10. Khristine says:

    Truth I just learned yesterday. If you see a great sales ad online and drive the 45 minutes to the closest store in your area and ask for Fusible Foam Interfacing you will be told…
    “Uhm we have foam over there” pointing to one side of the store like an airline stewardess ” and interfacing over there” now changing by 180* “But there is no such thing as fusible foam interfacing” you will reply but it is even in your sales ad… and the following will make you leave the store ” No I’m sorry that can’t be our ad, did you photoshop that heehee there is no such thing as … what did you want again…oh ya the foam is over there ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice day”…
    that they do not have anything in their store that is on sale.

    • dadsews says:

      Whoah. I think this is where Twitter comes in handy. A quick shameful tweet to the company, followed by an email, sounds in order. “Did you photoshop it?” Wow. #SMH

  11. Kandice says:

    The carts are never big enough for your fabric, especially if your shopping with a toddler.

    • dadsews says:

      You are EXACTLY right on this. Try 2 kids, 1 toddler and one baby carrier. I need THREE of their mini carts!

    • Tracy says:

      The FL i shop at doesn’t even have carts ๐Ÿ™ they have baskets on wheels grrrrrrrr i usually have two of them at a time and my arms full too….. thank goodness i don’t have kids that young anymore.

  12. Lindsay Hamilton says:

    It’s nearly impossible to walk out of a fabric store with only what you were initially looking for!

  13. Rhonda says:

    Perhaps you are shopping in a national chain, instead of a local quilt shop. Our quilt shops carry only quality fabrics, they cut with rotary cutters and they have talented, knowledgeable and creative employees. Support your local quilt shops and you’ll be happy you did.

    • dadsews says:

      We have one mom-n-pop chain that is extraordinary, but is a bit of a drive. Bridges. Tunnels. Dragons. But yes, this seems to be a chain issue.

  14. Amanda says:

    Story I am female but loved your post and had to say my experience is that they don’t use scissors to cut the fabric, the edges are never good as they snip a bit then rip.

  15. Christine says:

    At my local chain store the employees don’t know how to sew. I learned not to open my mouth because I will end up being there much longer than I planned helping other shoppers.

  16. George says:

    After the store FINALLY stopped looking at me like I was in the wrong store… I walked in, wearing a full TUXEDO. I picked up several different styles of buttons. Up to the one who still looked at me funny … Held up the buttons and asked her… “I don’t like the buttons I used making this TUX… WHICH ones do you think would be better?” She got the manager as she had NO IDEA. To the original employee.. I smiled and said ” I made everything except the underwear, socks and the shoes.” They’ve been quite friendly to me ever since.

  17. Sue says:

    I love to get the surveys from Joann’s. I get to tell them what’s wrong and get a coupon for 50% off that works!

  18. Here’s my tip: When working on a project anywhere NEAR Halloween, MAKE SURE you have everything you need; thread, needles, zipper, buttons, pattern, fabric etc. Heaven HELP YOU if you run out of something and have to visit JoAnn Fabrics from around Oct 28 to the 31st. EVERYONE (who has NEVER SEWED A STITCH IN HER LIFE) and her uncle is in line to have fabric cut AND ask for instructions about sewing her costume… expecting that the JoAnn’s fabric-cutting-person has sewing experience (they usually don’t) and can give helpful information about how to sew the project. Then…there’s the huge line at the checkout where there’s 2 registers open (if you’re lucky).

    You’ve been warned.

  19. Rita Radil says:

    If the store is cutting plaid material for you, be sure they open up the material and cut it in that manner, don’t let them cut with the material folded like it comes on the bolt as it won’t be straight.

    • dadsews says:

      GREAT tip. Never thought of that!

    • Tracy says:

      Same with Panels Rita …. i went to buy some xmas panels for gifts i wanted to make and the young girl was going to cut it folded uhgggggggg that’s all i needed 1 panel that is straight and another that is so crooked it’s useless.

  20. Barb Hale says:

    Just because they tell you they have it on the phone or web site don’t mean they have

  21. Nancy Chrusciel says:

    Oh they have great coupons that can be used on items not on sale, but try and find a fabric that isnt on sale, most coupons expire so you can bever get the fabric you want with that great 50% off coupon!

  22. Joanne says:

    If you find that fabric you love, buy it because it won’t be there next week when you really have to have it. *-

  23. Tracy Hall says:

    Just because they work in a fabric store doesn’t mean they know anything about sewing or fabric uses. Best to do your own research before going to the fabric store.

  24. Judi Duncan says:

    When patterns are on sale….the 20 you spent 3 hours looking in the pattern book for are all out of stock (which is why you chose 20 because you KNEW they might not have one or two of them)

  25. Kristin Mcgeehan says:

    5 truths:
    1. Whenever you have a bunch of great coupons (50-60% off, 30% off total, etc.) NONE of the items you want will be valid for those coupons (sewing machines, notions, fabric is already on sale).
    2. Fabric shopping with a 2 year old ONLY consists of you running after them trying to replace everything they take off the shelves.
    3. You can NEVER find a fabric in your local store that someone else posts online at ‘such a great deal’.
    4. You will always have to return to the store at least twice per project for forgetting something dumb (like matching thread, even though you SWORE you had some at home.)
    5. After returning to the store multiple times, you will find the matching thread you swore you had, ONLY after your project is completed and you have already used the other thread you purchased a second time. (Darn sewing gnomes)

  26. Heidi says:

    Truth: That when you ask an associate a question about something you are trying to find…you MIGHT know more about the answer than they do…and you might know your way around the store better too.

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