I Was Interviewed On The Great Big Beautiful Podcast!
by on June 27, 2017 in Blog Interviews

The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 138: Christian Lee

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This week, we’re changing things up a bit. As Justin explains at the top of the show, this is the first time we’ve interviewed a personal friend as a guest. But he’s oh-so-very-much worthy, don’t you worry about that!

Christian Lee has a background in stand-up comedy and is the guy behind the YouTube channel DadSews, where he is teaching himself how to sew on camera (and making a lot of mistakes and revelations along the way). He also does a podcast with his son – What Are We Watching? – where they talk about all those awful live-action Nickelodeon shows…that kids love and adults hate.

One of his recent videos went viral (after the good guys at Life of Dad shared it), and Christian quickly found himself making the new highlights and talk show rounds, including The Chew with Mario Batali! If you haven’t seen Christian’s video for the Rompdad – the romper for all kinds of dad bods, you really need to go check it out.

On this episode, we chat about why he chose sewing for his niche, adoption, mixed-race families, putting yourself (and your family) “out there” for others to judge, the competitive world of YouTube and how difficult it really is to get noticed and build a following, finding time to pursue your passions while also being a full-time parent, and some advice for people just getting into the whole YouTube thing (which can be incredibly overwhelming, I know).

As a bonus, here’s the video we talk about that started DadSews off. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of the infamous scene from Office Space where they destroy the printer. But it’s with Christian’s kids, and they destroy a sewing machine. Enjoy!


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