Yo I wanted to give a shout-out to Christian Lee. I opened his video and was like “a 20 minute video? You sir, screw right off.” But I’m watching the whole thing because Christian is natural, engaging, has good production values, and frankly, the video is unique. Like I said, I see 20 minutes on a video and think “nope” but this is good stuff.

I think what I love the best is that Christian comes at this as the every-man. He says he watched another YouTube video to learn how to do this. Then he says about that spool that he doesn’t even know if they’re to be used, and asks for answers in the comments. He screws up and that’s the end of the video; there’s no cut where he says “okay I screwed up so I did it again and cut in the successful one”…he just looks and says he did it upside down and, well, that’s that. It’s so natural and genuine.Zach Rosenberg of

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