Challenged to be a Better Dad with Cheerios
by on June 8, 2017 in Blog

Cheerios Challenge - Raising strong kids with Cheerios - PlaidDadBlog & DadSews

When I was asked to be part of this year’s #CheeriosChallenge, I was excited to put my graphic artist muscle to work in creating a really great image to help promote this wonderful cause: A celebration of Fatherhood.

I’m pretty pleased with how that turned out, but then I took a moment to really think about what the challenge MEANT. Sure, it was a viral event that spread all the way to the White House last year, but was it any more than that?
Cheerios Challenge - Raising strong kids with Cheerios - PlaidDadBlog & DadSews

I kept going back in my mind to how hard it was to actually keep those non-uniform pieces of cereal on top of each other without falling, and then it came to me. In a word:


Balance is what this whole fatherhood thing is about. Keeping not only your house in order and all that entails (bills, car, food, job, etc), but also with raising our sons and daughters. In every generation we’ve faced challenges raising our kids. And while the pressures and expectations of the outside world may change, what it takes is a Dad (and/or Mom) with a steady hand. One to help stack up the pieces helping their progeny build a solid and steady base for the eventual day they will leave the nest and go out to make the world their own. A steady hand that also helps pick up the pieces when they crumble and fall down, always ready to rebuild.

Thanks to Cheerios for the #StackingSweepstakes and the gift of a great Father’s Day trip to a lucky Dad. And thanks to all who participate every day in the challenge of raising strong men and women.
Cheerios Challenge - Raising strong kids with Cheerios - PlaidDadBlog & DadSews
This post was inspired and sponsored by the Cheerios Challenge, General Mills and LifeOf Dad.


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