What Is DadSews All About?
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Well, I’ve always wanted to learn to sew. This year I turn 40, and I’m starting to get embarrassed asking my mother to hem my jeans. This is a skill I should have in my tool belt. ¬†Especially now that I have four kids.

There are socks to darn, holes to fix, etc. Knowing how to sew is a money saver, and I NEED to save money.

When you watch DadSews, you will be seeing me learn to sew before your very eyes. I haven’t sewn a single stitch before I clicked record. Why on earth would I do this? Well, I’m a firm believer in being held accountable so you’ll actually follow through with your goals, but really, I just want you to enjoy my fails.

And, wooo boy, will there be fails. In our very first video, I got so angry at our machine that my kids and I did a shot-for-shot remake of the famous Fax Machine scene from ‘Office Space’.

I love doing this type of thing (you can check out more of my videos at PlaidDadBlog.com). We plan on having a lot more fun whenever I fail in sewing projects.

We’ll also have fun videos like the upcoming, ‘5 things I leaned as a Dad Shopping at a Sewing Shop’.

We hope you keep dropping by DadSews and will share with all your friends. Don’ forget: SEW. FAIL. REPEAT.

Thanks for your interest and support!


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